Who am I?

My name is Alexander and I am an entrepreneurial Dane living in Estonia. Born and raised in the small town of Maribo in south-east Denmark. Moved to a slightly bigger city by the age of 18, before moving to a new country at the age of 24.

Since the tender age of 15 I have been coding small website solution and have always had an interest in multimedia related work. Testing out with graphic design, video and photography, web design and WordPress ended up catching my full attention.

What do I do?

I am a WordPress enthusiast, web designer and Theme developer. For the last 5 years I’ve been running a small agency dealing with danish clients from the islands of Lolland and Falster.

Within the past year I’ve introduced SEO as a service to my current clientele, focusing more on online visibility. That has given me the possibility to providing more of a full service experience instead of them having to look elsewhere for a service I could provide.

What am I doing/working on?

This website is a constant work in progress, as a website should be. So if you see something not working 100%, don’t worry! I’m already on top of it!

Beside my full time job working with WordPress solutions for companies of all sizes, I’m developing WordPress themes for fun and constantly looking to extend the reach of my skills.

Instead of just developing themes for my own eyes, I decided to put more of my work out to the public, hoping someone is looking for what I’m already providing for others.

How can I help?

I like to see my self as a problem solver. Often I get new and fun scenarios from my clients, where my job is to find a solution within the possibilities of WordPress and their budget.

Designing solutions from scratch gives my clients an option to stand out from the rest. Even though I’m not re-inventing the soup bowl, a custom tailored design makes you stand out.

By developing WordPress themes from scratch I can give you a fast and reliable website without a ton of unnecessary features. Tailoring a solution to the individual needs gives you a faster and more user friendly solution. At least that’s my experience working with more than 50 non-tech companies for the last five years.

What can others expect if they work with me?

A good communication is key to a partnership. I believe by answering within 24 hours a client will always know what is going on, and what to expect, and knowing what to expect is important.

Along side good communication, delivering fast and reliable work is what I set out to bring to the table of any partnership.