Expect posts about Football Manager

Football Manager has been my go-to winding down game for years now. I have been an FPS gamer since I was 12 years old, but the online competitiveness of these games has rendering me unable to enjoy them anymore. As a competitive person, I simply cannot sit down to play without trying to win every single game.

That’s why Football Manager has taken over my game-time. I get to play on my own time, while it still being challenging enough to keep me entertained for long periods of time, years really.

My first FM game was the 2017 version, and it made me obsessed. I had periods where I could focus on nothing else but playing and managing my team, even though I lost almost every single game. From the very first moment, I was hooked.

So, what’s even my point to this post? Well, for a long time I’ve been wanting to share some of my games, highlights and moments from Football Manager, and this is my little way of saying, that I will use this space to occasionally share my Football Manager experiences.