My Disc Golf bag

Going through my disc golf bag

Disc golf is a sport that has been gaining popularity in recent years, and for good reason. It's a fun, challenging, and low-cost way to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors while also getting some exercise. A crucial component of disc golf is having the right equipment, including a good disc golf bag and a selection of discs to choose from.

Let’s start by talking about my disc golf bag. Your disc golf bag is essentially a backpack designed to hold your discs, along with any other accessories you might need on the course. That could be water bottles, snacks, and a towel to dry of your dirty or wet discs. There are a variety of disc golf bags available on the market, ranging from basic starter bags to high-end backpacks with a variety of storage compartments and features.

I didn’t give it much thought when I got my current disc golf bag. I just wanted a bag with enough space for my discs and it being two-strapped.

You probably should consider how comfortable the bag is to carry, especially if you plan on playing long rounds or carrying the bag for extended periods of time. But in disc you put down your bag between every shot, so unless you’re doing long days, you’ll be fine with even the cheap ones. At least that’s been my experience.

Types of discs in Disc golf

Now, let’s talk about the discs I have in my bag. In disc golf, there are three main types of discs: drivers, mid-range discs, and putters. Each type of disc is designed for a specific purpose and has different flight characteristics, so it’s important to have a selection of each type in your bag.


Drivers are designed for long-distance shots and have a more aerodynamic shape than other discs. They come in a variety of weights and plastics, with different levels of stability that affect their flight pattern.

For example, a stable driver will fly straight with minimal fade at the end of its flight, while an understable driver will curve to the right (for a right-handed thrower) before fading back to the left.

There are two types of drivers. Fairway driver and Distance driver. A distance driver is a disc with the potential to fly farther than any other type. In most cases it shouldn’t be used for throws under 91 meters. A fairway driver is a disc that is faster and more aerodynamic than a midrange but can be controlled more easily than a distance driver.

My distance drivers

Disc and manufacturer                                                                      SpeedGlideTurnFade
Bohrium / Løft146-13
Starling / Disctroyer135-22
Ballista PRO / Lattiude 6414403
Scorch / Discraft116-22
Air D5 / Prodigy126-42

My fairway drivers

Disc and manufacturer                                                                      SpeedGlideTurnFade
Convict / Dynamic Discs94-0.53
Mantis / Discraft84-22


Mid-range discs are designed for shorter shots that require more control than drivers. They have a flatter, more rounded shape than drivers, and typically have less glide and a more consistent flight path. Mid-range discs are useful for approach shots and navigating tight fairways. They don’t fly too fast but also not too slow – just right.

My mid-range discs

Disc and manufacturer                                                                      SpeedGlideTurnFade
Claymore /  Lattitude 6455-11
Silicon / Løft5403


Putters are the most specialized type of disc, designed specifically for putting into the basket. They have a rounded, blunt shape that reduces their tendency to bounce out of the basket, and typically have a low glide and high stability to ensure accuracy.

My putters

Disc and manufacturer                                                             SpeedGlideTurnFade
Hydrogen / Løft1200
Judge / Dynamic Discs2401
Big Z Zone / Discraft4303
Sparrow / Disctroyer3302
Swan 2 Medium / Westside Discs33-10

It wasn’t until I went through my entire bag, looking up every disc, that I realised what my bag is missing. There is definitely an overflow of putters, and I never use my Prodigy Air D5. So maybe it’s time to bench some of my discs and replace them with another Mid-range or two.