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What does blog mean

Noun. A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style

Blog is a short term for what we used to call a weblog. As most things, it took a while for the public to accept it, but today it’s and integral part of the online communities, social media and even journalistic publishers.

Even though blogging has been around for quite a while now, we still see more and more people starting to blog on their own. Most have the dream of becoming an overnight sensation. Some look for a way to make a living without having to do the work. Others just hope someone is willing to listen in and hopefully find use of their knowledge. Of course there’s also those who blog for the purpose of SEO. That’s most often companies, Organisations or people who already have a solid base of follows.

Can you blog for free?

There’s several ways you can start blogging. Yes, it is possible to start up without paying anything, using one of many popular services, such as WordPress or blogspot. Both options, where you can start out for free.

My own personal favorite is WordPress. I got into working with the CMS (Short for Content Management System) about 5 years ago and haven’t let go of it since. The possibilities with WordPress as a platform is endless. The CMS started out as a blogging tool back in the day, but now it’s a widely supported community, and the most popular platform on the market, currently occupying more than 29% of the CMS market.

How is a blog created?

It very much depends on how you want to start out. With WordPress, you can simply start out with a based blog. WordPress gives you the option to create a subdomain blog, where you can get started blogging in no time. Your blog would f.e. be called something like

Getting started with blogspot is very much like getting started with WordPress. You create a user and off we go.

What blog platform should I use?

I highly recommend choosing WordPress. It the one platform, where you can take it to the next level without having to start over. After growing a solid base of followers, you can easily build on a webshop without having to use another platform.

Thanks to WooCommerce you can shopify your blog and start selling your own products. Of course you would need a theme that supports WooCommerce, but there’s a wide range, which supports the plugin.

Now you might feel like we’re jumping into some terms you don’t know such as themes and plugins, but don’t worry. I’ll explain more.

Why a WordPress blog?

Why should you go with a WordPress blog? For me it a simple question about ambition. Are you looking to grow your blog into something sustainable? If yes, you should definitely start a WordPress blog.

WordPress is a content management system, where you can extend functionality and design with a few clicks. WordPress is largely based on themes and plugins.

Themes are the design of your website. It determines the look and feel of your blog, and there’s thousands and thousands of options available for free. You can also purchase WordPress themes, which gives you more options and exclusive features.

Plugins are what we call the add-on functionality of a WordPress blog. As with the themes, there are a large selection of free plugins, which can help you create beautiful galleries, easy sharing possibilities on social media, create contact forms and much much more.

The possibilities truly are endless.

What is the best WordPress blog theme?

In my opinion a difficult question. It’s all relative to what your searching for, how well you are at learning new things and what you need. There’s some beautiful WordPress blog themes available in the WordPress Theme Repository. All themes you can download for free. Are you looking for more exclusive WordPress themes, offers thousands of sleek and user-friendly themes.

Every developer has an idea of what is user friendly and what is beautiful. I’ve been in the industry long enough to know there’s a lot of decent themes out there, but even more worthless solutions as well. Building more than 80 WordPress websites in the past five years have shown me the dark side as well as the bright side of WordPress. After about a year or so I started playing around with developing my own themes, based on sustainable frameworks, which could satisfy the need of my clients.

Now I’m here four years later, starting to sell my own WP Themes, which I believe captures the essence of WordPress blogging. But again, it’s all relative to your needs. My first WordPress theme is called Backbone Blogger, and was build based on the idea of helping first timers with their WordPress blog. So it’s a WordPress blog theme build solely with the purpose of helping newcomers. If you have time, you should give it a look. Feedback and request to functionality are always welcome. It’s the only way I get to understand you guys better.

What is the best WordPress blog plugin?

A question I included out of stubbornness.

I figured out that this is a widely asked question, which in my opinion doesn’t make any sense. WordPress is self was built as a blogging tool, and the core functionality of WordPress should be enough for you to get started with blogging.

So if I need to keep it short, there is no “best blog plugin”, because WordPress itself is an excellent blog “plugin”. That being said, I can recommend a few great plugins, by some skilled developers, than can help you extend the functionality of the WordPress core.

  • WP Fastest Cache
    • Simply because you will end up making your blog so much faster, which will increase the user experience.
  • WP AMP for WordPress/WooCommerce
    • AMP stand for Accelerated Mobile Pages which is exactly what it does. The plugin might be a bit more advanced and takes some time to set up I perfectly, but it will increase your chances of being found on Google. AMP is a project by Google, where users can access mobile pages faster, even if you have a poor internet connection.

How can I create a WordPress blog for free?

As I mention earlier, offers you to set up a WordPress blog for free. You simply sign up, select a name for your blog and you’re off to a good start.

Is there a WordPress blog for beginners?

There are plenty of WordPress blogs for beginners, I highly recommend They have a lot of tutorials for both advanced users and first timers.

With time I will publish more tutorials for beginners as well, so you’re welcome to stick around and get inspiration on how you can kick start your blogging career.

Which blog sites make money?

There’s a lot of websites out there that has “10 quick steps to success”. In my opinion most of them are complete bollocks. There’s no fast track to success. There’s only hard work and effort. It can take a long time to get out there and will require a lot of will from your side. All we hear about is the overnight success stories, but they are one in a million. Yet we all believe it’s that or nothing.

You should consider getting started right away, write about something that you are passionate about. If you don’t have a passion, start blogging about several topics you are somewhat interested in. You can get passionate about a topic real fast, and it’s often not the thing you expected.

Personally I found a real interest in coffee, coffee production and the branding side of it. It didn’t happen instantly, but working with a client who sells coffee, I found the topic really interesting, and the interest has exponentially grown since then. I actually started out a Danish blog about it earlier this year. It didn’t become an overnight success, but I still very much enjoy watching it grow and to write about a real interest. As well as WordPress is a true passion of mine.

So to sum up my advice for you to create a blog that makes money.

  • Create real content. Something captivating. Real passion is contagious and your readers will be able to feel your enthusiasm.
  • Start out right away. Nothing is perfect from the start. But it’s better to be first to market. So if there’s no blog in your language about watches, coffee or even blogging, start out today. Learn by doing and grow on the go.
  • Learn the basic SEO techniques. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is the art of being found on Google. It can take you far without investing anything but your time.

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