Judge by Dynamic Discs

My Disc Collection: Judge by Dynamic Discs

As a popular choice among disc golf enthusiasts, the Judge by Dynamic Discs has made its mark in the world of putters with its reliable performance and impressive stability.

In this review, we delve into the Judge’s flight ratings, physical characteristics, and flight performance, as well as compare it to a similar disc in the market. Find out if the Judge by Dynamic Discs could be the perfect addition to your disc golf arsenal, and why it has been my favourite putter for years.

The manufacturer

Dynamic Discs is a prominent disc golf company that has made a significant impact on the sport since its inception. With a wide range of high-quality disc golf products and a strong commitment to growing the sport, Dynamic Discs has become a favorite brand among disc golfers worldwide.

The company’s line of discs caters to players of all skill levels, with a variety of molds designed for different purposes and flight characteristics. Some of their popular disc models include the Judge (putter), the Truth (midrange), and the Convict (fairway driver).

Flight Ratings

The Judge boasts a speed rating of 2, glide rating of 4, turn rating of 0, and fade rating of 1. These flight ratings make it an ideal putter for players seeking a disc with a straight flight path, moderate glide, and minimal fade. Its low-speed rating ensures a comfortable grip and controlled release, while its consistent flight characteristics make it a reliable option for various putting situations.

Physical Characteristics

The Judge features a slightly rounded profile and a small bead on the bottom edge, providing a comfortable grip for various hand sizes and throwing styles. Its high-quality plastic options, including Classic Blend, Classic Soft, and Fuzion, cater to different preferences in terms of grip and durability. The disc’s weight range spans from 170g to 176g, ensuring that players can find the perfect weight for their needs.

Flight Performance

In terms of flight performance, the Judge by Dynamic Discs truly shines as a stable putter with a predictable flight path. Its low turn and fade ratings result in a straight flight, making it an excellent choice for both short approach shots and longer putts. The disc’s moderate glide allows it to maintain altitude and cover a decent distance, while its reliable stability ensures consistent performance in various wind conditions.

The Judge also excels in versatility, as it can be used for both backhand and forehand throws. Its straight flight characteristics make it an ideal choice for players looking to improve their accuracy and consistency on the course.


One disc that is often compared to the Judge is Aviar by Innova. Both discs feature a straight flight with minimal fade, making them reliable options for putting and short approach shots. However, the Judge’s bead and slightly rounded profile set it apart from the Aviar in terms of grip and feel.

While the Aviar offers a smooth, beadless rim, the Judge’s small bead may provide additional grip and control for some players. The choice between these two discs ultimately comes down to personal preference and comfort with the disc’s feel in hand.


  • Both have a comfortable grip that feels good in the hand.
  • Both have a relatively straight flight path, although the Aviar has a slight stability advantage over the Judge.


  • The Judge is beadless, while the Aviar has a small bead on the rim which can provide additional grip and control.
  • Judge has a moderate fade at the end of its flight, while the Aviar has a gentle fade.
  • The Aviar has a taller profile.
  • Aviar is slightly more stable.


The Judge by Dynamic Discs is a highly reliable and stable putter, perfect for players seeking a disc with a predictable flight path and comfortable grip. Its flight ratings, physical characteristics, and versatile performance make it a valuable addition to any disc golfer’s bag. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your disc golf journey, the Judge is a worthy contender for your go-to putter.