2014 – CurrentFounder

Brandweb IVS

Straight out of school, I got a chance of becoming a website supplier to a local advertising agency. A few weeks later Brandweb was born.

2016 – 2019Co-founder & Partner

Ung & iværksætter IVS

The purpose of Ung & Iværksætter was to go to local educations and talk to the students about the ups and downs of starting a business, and how to make it flourish despite living in a small town. I went on tours in the local area alongside two local entrepreneurs for about 3 years.

2017 – CurrentFounder

Brandweb OÜ

Brandweb OÜ was born out of the Danish sister-company after relocating to Estonia. Brandweb is offering websites, digital solutions, and web design to businesses on a European scale.

2020 – CurrentShareholder


Design and development of modular online gaming infrastructure.


2009 – 2012Upper Secondary Education

Higher Technical Examination Programme

The HTX-programme is a 3-year programme with the aim of giving the students a general and technical upper secondary education. Each student selects a line of study. I chose the Technical line of study with Technology A, Design B and Communication C as subjects.

2012 – 2014Academy Profession Degree – ISCED level 5

AP Degree in Multimedia Design & Communication

The Multimedia Design & Communications programme is a 2-year higher education programme consisting of courses in user interface design (UI), user experience design (UX), digital content, programming, photography and business understanding.