4-3-3: My Go-To Formation in FM23

A tradition of mine is to buy a new version of Football Manager every year, and never to do the same save twice. This year I’ve struggled to find a good formation, which resulted in me having to go back to the formation I used in FM22, the 4-3-3.

I started out FM23 using a classic 4-4-2 but kept conceding to many goals. My aim was to do a Youth Academy Challenge, but I found it a lot harder than I expected it to be. So, when I was tired of losing, I switched to another save with the same challenge, but still couldn’t get my team and formation right.

Eventually I switched challenge and ended up doing a Scandinavian save. Moving around Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland to win all the major trophies in each country. While starting my save, I went back into FM22, and looked at my last used tactic, to give it another go. It was the first tactic I ever, successfully, created myself. And it works!

4-3-3: The formation

The formation is a 4-3-3 DM wide.

4-3-3 Tactic in FM23

The 4-3-3 DM wide formation is a popular formation in modern football that emphasizes a strong midfield presence and attacking play. The formation features four defenders, two central midfielders, three forwards, and a defensive midfielder who plays in front of the backline. The formation is known for its ability to control the midfield, provide attacking options, and defend effectively.

The four defenders usually consist of two center backs and, in this case, two wingbacks. The center backs provide a solid defensive foundation. Meanwhile the wingbacks are expected to contribute to the attack by overlapping the midfielders or wingers. The defensive midfielder is responsible for shielding the defense and breaking up the opposition’s attacks. He is positioned just in front of the center backs.

In the midfield, the formation typically features two central midfielders. One of them playing as a box-to-box midfielder who can contribute to both attack and defense. The other midfielder is the creative outlet, who can join the forwards in the final third.

The forward line consists of three players. One central striker and two wingers. The central striker is the primary goal scorer. The wingers provide width and stretch the opposition’s defense. The wingers also have the option to cut inside and join the attack, creating goal-scoring opportunities.

In possesion

4-3-3 in possesion

In transition

4-3-3 in transition

Out of possession

4-3-3 out of possesion

Roles and duties for my 4-3-3

One of the key features of this formation is the use of wingbacks on attack duty. These players are essential for providing width in attack, as well as adding an extra attacking threat. They are also expected to contribute defensively when needed, dropping back into a more defensive position to help the backline.

The wingers are also crucial to the success of this formation. The winger on support duty is responsible for helping to maintain possession and link up play in the final third of the field.

The winger on attack duty is tasked with providing width and getting forward to create scoring opportunities.

The pressing attacker up front is another important feature of this formation. This player is expected to apply pressure to the opposition defenders and force mistakes, as well as score goals.

In midfield, the Mezzala on attack duty is a dynamic player who is comfortable moving forward with the ball and creating scoring chances.

The Box-to-Box midfielder is expected to contribute both defensively and offensively, making tackles and interceptions while also supporting the attack.

The defensive midfielder playing as a Half Back sits in front of the backline. The Half Back provides an additional layer of protection against counter-attacks and drops deep to help play the ball out of defense.

The 4-3-3 DM wide formation is flexible and allows for different variations depending on the opposition and match situation. Overall, the 4-3-3 formation is a versatile and dynamic formation that allows for a strong midfield presence and attacking play while still being able to defend effectively.

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